Los Angeles improv team: Interrobang

Originally formed in 2011, Interrobang‽, is comprised of Pepperdine University alumni and former members of PIT (Pepperdine Improv Troupe). They're first public appearance as Interrobang‽ was their long run at IO West's Cherry Crush of which they currently hold that cagematch record. They have also played in the Del Close theatre, the Neon Venus Art theatre, Hot Improv Nights, PrismBox, TNT, and The Wrangle. Many of Interrobang‽'s members have taken classes all around LA including The Groundlings, Impro, UCB, 2nd City, IO West & Monkey Butler. The team has been coached by a variety of different coaches including; Tracy Burns, Allen Simpson, Blake Houghe, Michael Garcia, Eric Price, Nate Caywood, Jaime Moyer, Dave Hill and Brian Jones. Interrobang‽ is known for their abundance of energy and attractive charm they bring to any stage they step on.